• 2022/05/20
    Toma Unrestored × MuSuHi
  • 奈良市の文化財建築を活用したギャラリー”藤間家住宅改装中”にて“MuSuHi(三嶋章義 x 高岡春満)”による作品を映像作品として制作しました。


    MuSuHi, an art project by Akiyoshi Mishima and Harumitsu Takaoka made a video work (filmed and edited by Tatsuya Fujimoto) related to the history of Toma House are currently being displayed on →

    The “shimenawa (しめ縄)”rope, which is closely related to the historical architecture of the former residence of the Kasuga priests, expresses the relative yin-yang harmony of “musuhi”, the spiritual function that brings all things into being and order, and “musubi,” the relationship that occurs through harmony.

    The works created by the spiral of hemp rope represent the universal continuity of history and the activities of people that have been passed down from generation to generation without being lost.

    Film: Tatsuya Fujimoto
    Music: Steve Etou (percussionist)
    Toshiko Ihara (sho player)

    “Toma Unrestored” is a contemporary art gallery that makes use of Nara City’s cultural heritage architecture.